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Writer and editor.

Journalism background. small business, retail, consumer, career, lifestyle, science, parenting, pharmacy, food, foodservice, profiles, executive, hospitality, design, beverage.

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The Evolution of the Backpack: An Origin Story

We take it for granted, but this year we celebrate 50 years of what we know as the student book bag. Here’s how it came about…

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HOW magazine

Byte-by-Byte: Open-Sourcing Video Game Graphic Arts History

Byte-by-Byte: Open-Sourcing Video Game Graphic Arts...

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Curbside Convenience

Tech start-up FlyBuy creates virtual drive-thrus

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University Launches Food Brand

The E. W. Shell Fisheries Center is an on-­campus, closed­-loop, aquaponics system, which includes greenhouses for produce as well as a tilapia fishery that can produce 250 pounds of fish at a time.

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Fun Curriculum Links Classroom Nutrition Education to Cafeteria and Home

The inaugural program includes colorful, fun characters that represent the five food groups.

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Las Brisas Revamps to Maximize Coastal Views and Coastal Fare

Almost 70 years later, this star location needed a little nip and tuck.

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The Loyal Treatment

Update on Walgreens' Balance Rewards program.

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Red Nose Day 2017

As the exclusive U.S. retailer of Red Nose Day, Walgreens shows how a simple red nose can keep kids safe, healthy and educated.

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University of California reaches sustainable food goal early

In 2009, the University of California, which includes 10 campuses and five medical centers, committed to purchasing 20 percent of its food from sustainable sources by 2020. According to its recently released 2016 Annual Report on Sustainable Practices, most of the UC system has met that goal early for the second year in a row.

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HOW magazine

Deva Pardue on Designing For All Womankind ...

Graphic designer's passion project goes viral after women's march.

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All in the Family

Fourth-generation sisters bring fresh perspective to custom furniture company.

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Gourmet Live

Turmeric on the Brain: Food Politics :

Turmeric on the Brain: Food Politics :

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Anything But a Laid-Back Approach

You might be surprised how many months of research and refinement go into one of our marketing campaigns.

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How to Create the Perfect Cheese Plate - The Salonniere

Tips from Tia Keenan, the famed Chef Fromager and author of the new book, The Art of the Cheese Plate.

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Westchester Magazine

Westchester Surgeons Help Perform Extensive Face Transplant

Three local surgeons were at the frontline of the most extensive face transplant yet, helping ensure perfect coordination for the procedure.